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Store Opening Raffle Entry (Fund Raiser)
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Store Opening Raffle Entry (Fund Raiser)



In an attempt to raise funds for our brick & mortar shop opening in just a few weeks we are going to be raffling away some larger items from our inventory. This product is a raffle entry for a chance to win a CGC 8 Shadowless Base Set Charizard Slab. 1 purchase equals 1 entry but you may purchase as many entries into this raffle as you would like. In an effort to be totally transparent regarding this raffle, please read the below details prior to purchasing this product. 

For full disclosure, the general market price for this product at the time of posting is roughly $2,000 but, as this is a raffle to raise funds, there is no limit on the number of entries being accepted, even if the market value is achieved with the total number of entries received. 

The raffle winner will be announced on Monday, April 1st 2024 in our store's Discord channel as long as a minimum amount of the market value listed above is raised. If that market value minimum in not met, the raffle will be extended until Wednesday, May 1st 2024 but entries purchased prior to the April 1st 2024 deadline will be eligible for refund if requested. If the market minimum is not raised by May 1st 2024, the raffle will be canceled and all entries made will be refunded. 

Good luck! Just remember the more entries the more likely your chance to win! We appreciate all the support!