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Refund policy



Due to the nature of the trading card market, all sales are considered final. Exchanges or store credit may be available based on the seller's discretion. To inquire about the possibility of an exchange or store credit, please reach out to us through our "Contact Us" portal.


Damages and issues

Elements outside of our control do not allow us to guarantee that all product received will be in “mint” collecting condition. Tears in plastic wrapping, box structure imperfections or glued product that may become unsealed in shipping do not constitute grounds for a refund or exchange. If there are concerns with the condition of an order received, please DO NOT open the items, and reach out to us through our “Contact Us” portal to provide a description of the issue as well as any pictures of that issue.


Pre-Ordered Product

Pre-ordered product relates to any purchases made prior to the official release date of a given product. Pre-orders ensure that you receive a specific product once released instead of waiting to purchase that product on/after release date which may decrease your chances of purchasing the product, especially if production is limited. Pre-ordered product will not ship until the official release date of that product but may be shipped so that the product is received on the official release date.

Pre-ordered items will ship when we receive them at our warehouse. We do not hold orders to ship multiple pre-ordered items together. Orders that contain both pre-ordered product and product that is currently available may be held until the release date of the pre-ordered product. If the currently available product is needed immediately, please ensure that it is purchased separately from any pre-ordered product.

Please note that pre-order purchases and pricing are binding. In rare/special circumstances, we may allow for the cancellation of pre-orders by request only. Should your pre-order cancellation request be granted, please note that refunds will be credited via Continental Cards store credit only and will be subject to a 15% pre-order cancellation fee. No exceptions. Pre-order purchase price is subject to market conditions. Please understand that the pre-order pricing you pay when placing your pre-order may change before the live release date and shall not be lowered under any circumstance.